how to set number of measures per line

• Sep 20, 2015 - 19:37

I have not been able to set the number of measures per line after hours of trying. How is this done?


Or just add line breaks manually if you don't want the same number on each line. See the Breaks & Spacers palette.

Note breaks only allow you to put *fewer* than the default number of measures on a line. If you want *more* than what will actually fit given your current settings, you will need to change something in your current settings - overall music size in Layout / Page Settings / Staff Space, or measure spacing in Style / General / Measure / Spacing, etc.

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Everything in MY "Breaks and Spacers" pallette is grayed out. Having 12 measures per line and no obvious way to change it is driving me batty. I've tried the various tips on here, but none seem to apply to the latest (as of this writing) version. I have for Windows.

I'm taking your on line course; I hope I find the answer.

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Palette elements cannot be "greyed out" (means you cannot select them) by all means, they're always clickable. Breaks and spacers are grey themselves, if you do want to add one just drag & drop or double-click like any other palette element, they won't be visible on printed sheet music but you can view and edit them in the software.

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Indeed, breaks can be added normally from the palette. Although notes you’d only have 12 measures on a line if they are practically empty, and in that case, there’s nothing really wrong with that. Best to wait until you’re more or less done entering notes before trying to gauge things like this.

For more info on the various techniques involved in controlling this aspect of
Formatting, see the lessons on Page Layout in the course.

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