[trunk] Copyright text doesn't appear

• Dec 3, 2010 - 17:55
S2 - Critical
by design

when opening under 3731M (ubuntu 10.04) a file

the copyright test disappears.

moreover the text creation menu is unable to create copyright text


Rev. 3743 splits the header and footer into three parts: left center and right. On default the center part of the footer line is configured to show the meta text for "copyright". The trunk version handles the old copyright text as metadata. So the problem should be fixed.
In the trunk version the copyright information is entered as meta text or you can directly edit the footer text in the style editor.

Status (old) fixed active

1. Open or create a new score with no copyright text
2. Create > Text > Copyright

Expected behavior: Copyright should be directly editable on the score

Actual behavior: Nothing happens

Tested using r. 3769, nightly trunk build, Windows 7

Status (old) active by design

Forgot to remove "copyright text" from create menu. There is no special copyright text type anymore. Footer or header text can be used for this. There is also a meta tag "copyright". Meta tags and header/footer text can be linked.
Copyright text from older versions are imported as meta text and linked to the center field of the footer.