Tidy up Getting Started score

• Oct 11, 2015 - 17:44
S4 - Minor

As discussed previously (#65601: Merge updated Getting Started score for 2.0.2) the Getting Started score is quite crowded, possibly to the point that new users will find it off-putting. I think we need to be more selective in what is included and probably split it onto two pages.

My suggestion is that we put the most basic instructions on the first page, and some more advanced methods on the second page. We would need to be very selective with the advanced features that we choose to teach people in the Getting Started score, but my vote would be that "Select all similar elements" should definitely be included, because it is a highly useful time-saving feature that new users seem to be unaware of based on many of the posts on these forums.

Suggestions as to what should be included, and whether it should be considered "basic" or "advanced", are welcome.