Merge updated Getting Started score for 2.0.2

• Jun 16, 2015 - 15:25
S4 - Minor

I've just finished making some changes to the Getting Started score (, and I'd recommend putting the updated version in for 2.0.2.


It's not really any more "crowdy" than it was before. (But then, perhaps it was quite crowdy before.)

I'm reluctant to make it two pages, though, for a few reasons. For one thing, it's not as simple as just adding a page break halfway through; new measures would need to be added, and then there would be superfluous systems, necessitating pretty much everything to be moved around to create an even distribution of content. For another, there are advantages to keeping it to a single page; without resizing the window, it would be easy to entirely miss the second page off-screen to the right. (See point #3 at

I'll experiment with a two-page version, but don't get your hopes up. ;-) The one-page version is still the default.

I understand your reluctance. But actually, on second thought, a two page version is a wonderful opportunity to include giant arrow pointing to the right and explain how to scroll - lots of people seem to have trouble figuring that out. Just a thought.