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• Dec 29, 2010 - 06:47

Hi, is it possible to force a certain number of measures in one line, or batch decrease (instead of changing using the <- arrow one by one) the space between notes in a specific bar? E.g. I have 2 bars with lots of demi-semiquavers. Now musescore will automatically "break" the 2 bars into 2 different lines. But I want them to be on the same line. I don't mind if the notes will appear crowded, but only for these 2 bars. I've checked the notes leading/trailing spaces and they are 0.00sp already.



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1) Select the measures you want to compress
2) Menu "Layout | Less stretch", even repeatedly (but if you apply it more than twice to the same measures, notes can really crowd!)

And, no, negative trailing space does not work.


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I wouldn't have mentioned it if I hadn't tried it myself.

Try it yourself:
1. Fill a measure with 16th notes
2. Select them all (in one way or another)
3. Right-click --> note properties
4. Make additional leading space and additional trailing space -1
5. OK
Result: Squish!

Actually, trying it out, additional leading space doesn't seem to do anything on negative, but if you change just the trailing space to -1, it still works!

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Actually, looks like the Less Stretch feature has some issues.
Been playing around with it... check it out:
- stretchcompare1 shows the original and the best you can do with Less Stretch for all the notes
- stretchtooless shows what happens when I try Less Stretch one more time
- stretchcompare2 shows the original and the result when the trailing space is set to -.7 for all the notes (number easily adjusted to get other versions)

Edit: tested on both and R.3784

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Thanks to all. Before I had a chance to implement your suggestions I had to resort to decreasing the min. note space. This has a global effect but at least the short notes are compressed now without have a big effect on the normal notes. I'll try out your suggestions when I come across the same situation later. Thanks again!

ceegers: Negative trailing space is a great new! Thanks!! (remembering, I only tried negative leading space, saw it doesn't do anything and blindly assumed trailing space is the same).

ansonwun: I know that Less Stretch is easily overloaded, but in many cases it is the easiest solution (and usually the first to try out).


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It's 2019 now. There's a Measure Properties with a "layout stretch" specification. In my case changing from 4.3 to 2 was perfect. It only seems to work on one measure at a time though.

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