XP (Pro) does not accept adding chords Ab,Bb,(Cb),Db,Eb,(Fb),Gb,

• Oct 20, 2015 - 22:47

I'm using XP Pro and W10, Both with MuseScore 1.3 and 2.0.2
If using MuseScore 2.0.2. with XP and tryïng to add a chord symbol Ab....Gb by Ctrl K it does not accept the added b as second character Also no not a capital one: AB is not possible as well)
It will accept any other addition like # or whatever useful or not useful character you type but NOT the b. It is not a big problem for me because I just open some file which shows any available chord symbol with an added b and copy it into the file I'm editing. Then change the key in which I need and every next time I copy such chord symbol. Once available the whole chord can be editted to anything you like. But don't delete the "b", it just does not accept it. With 1.3 it is no problem. It is only a chord symbol problem.


Please attach the specific score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

Also make sure you have not assiged "b" to be the keyboard shortcut for some other command - maybe do a "Revert to factory settings", or at least go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and reset all to default.

I'm pretty sure this is not related to XP vs. and other Windows Version, but down to a config issue. There is no such Problem when using Virtual XP Mode from Windows 7.

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I never changed shortcut preferences anyway but I did reset it as you suggested however it didn't solve the problem. It is useless to add a file because it is not related to a particular file. Just simple start adding a chord symbol "Eb" is NOT possible. EB is not a problem or E (or A, B, D, G) with any other character except "b" is not possible. Same happens with for instance if I try to type E7b5 the "b" is damned to be refused, but I can copy it from another file.

But then again don't spent too much time if you can't reproduce it. I will solve it by copyïng the chord symbol from another file, just a small workaround. Thanks for tryïng to reproduce it.

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Any new blank score, any excisting score! Can't think of anything that may be relevant. I just live with it, open an arbritary excisting score and copy an "Eb" or "Bb" or "Ab" from it to be able to continue. Once having a copied chord symbol with a "b" from another available chord symbol I can edit anything in front of the "b" or behind the "b".

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Very odd. What keyboard configuration do you have - what country did you buy the computer in? Also, does the "b" appear while typing the chord symbol but then disappear when entry is completed, or does it not appear while typing? Can you attach a score in which you have typed "Eb7b9" as a chord symbol, so we can see if the "b" registered in any way internally and is just not displaying for you, or if it failed to register internally as well?

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