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• Oct 28, 2015 - 09:14

Hello everybody,
I'm reading some braille music scores converted from Musescore's musicxml, and discover a problem. The exported musicxml doesn't contain string harmonics indications. I can't see the original score, but when I import a musicxml created by Finale, the harmonic technique tags are lost when i export the xml again. Does Musescore have the ability to write harmonics for strings? Or just because the im/export of xml is not complete? I'm planning to have someone to transcribe some symphonic works, and even examples of Adler's orchestration book into Musescore. The harmonic technique is very important. If Musescore doesn't support it, or the xml export is incomplete, the braille result will be incomplete too. Thank you in advance!



Can you post the original MusicXML file from finale? That waywe can see if the information was there and how it was represented, and whether it was lost on import into MuseScore or in the export back into MusicXML.

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Ok, here it is, but the Finale file is too large, and I'm attaching two musicxml of an implementation test for the braille translation software in the period of 2009-10. It was from Sibelius, and I im- and exported the musicxml from Musescore. The size is radically reduced, and there are many elements missing after the musescore process.

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