Guitar 6th tuned to D

• Jan 9, 2011 - 17:34

Hi there,

Newbie to Musescore and trying to write a piece of mine for guitar but the piece is written with the 6th string tuned to a "D" but when I enter this is Musescore those D notes are marked red as being out of range and hence silent as well.

Is there any way to both annotate the 6th string is tuned to D and also tell Musescore that D is playable?




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Hi David,

I'm using the latest I believe - version

I've attached a snippet from the score which happens to be the first bar which shows the problem as you'll see the 1st and 3rd base string "D" notes are coloured automatically as red and when you play the score they don't play.

On my manual score I add a "6 = D" (the 6 would be in a circle) at the top to indicate the 6th string is tuned to "D" rather than standard "E"

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The red notes do play for me. There are quite low but they play.
If you don't want them to be red you can change the range of the staff (right click on a measure -> Staff properties -> Range, put the lower to 30 for both amator and professional for example)

As far as telling MuseScore what range to use, left click on any measure and choose staff properties. Change usable pitch range accordingly.

Personally, I've gone to Preferences: Note Entry, and unchecked "color notes outside of usable pitch range", so I don't have to worry about it ever.

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Text can be added a number of ways depending on where and how you want it to display. I'd probably enter that as "Staff text" - click the first note/rest of the piece and hit Ctrl-T. You can control the font using the controls at the bottom of the screen, and drag the text anywhere you like. If you look under Create->Text or consult the Handbook under Text , you'll see lots more possibilities.

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If you want the 6 inside a circle there is such a thing already in the Fingering palette. Click on your note, double-click on the 6 (you might need to scroll down the palette to find it).

If you want it to show a 6-in-a-cirle followed by " = D", then click on the note again and press [Ctrl]-t and type "= D". Then press [Shift]-Home and go down to the bottom of the screen and make the text ("= D") size 12. Now click anywhere on some blank canvas to de-select the text and, finally, drag it to the right of your 6-in-a-circle to make it look neat.

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