‘CLEF_G’ was not declared in this scope

• Nov 6, 2015 - 03:33
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With OMR and OCR ON ( > CMakeLists.txt )
I get the following error:

In file included from MuseScore/libmscore/scorefile.cpp:41:0:
MuseScore/omr/omrpage.h:66:23: error: ‘CLEF_G’ was not declared in this scope
ClefType type = CLEF_G;

GCC = 5.2.0


Are you describing something that happens when *running* MuseScore, or are you trying to *compile* it? If the former, please post the specific score you are having problems with and precise steps to reproduce. If the latter, please use the IRC channel or the developers mailing list (both can be reached via the Development link in menu at right of this page). be sure to say what OS you are on and how you are trying to compile.

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Apparently the OP describes what happens when compiling. Using GCC 5.2.0 stronly hints at Linux being the OS ;-)^
That CLEF_G seems to be a remnant of the 'great renaming' of numerous enums into enum classes, done by me quite a while ago.
It needs to get changed to ClefType::G;

I wonder whether that is the only change needed to get OMR to compile?
Maybe the OP want's to fix all those and submit the changes as a PR?

If this is the only changed needed, I'd have a PR ready pretty quickly, just let me know

Sorry, the information was a bit terse.
I was trying to compile MuseScore git 'head'
on Linux (From Scratch based NuTyX current)
with omr and ocr 'knobs' set to 'on'.

When they're 'off' the source builds fine.
The logfile is below.


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Since this is about a compilation issue and not a bug per se, and the discussion is now continuing in the developers mailing list, I am closing this issue.