Can't type "s" in lyric input

• Nov 12, 2015 - 03:54

Hey everyone, searched around for this but can't find anyone else with the issue.

Musescore 2.0.2 Revision f51dc11, Windows 8.1

On any instrument I've tried and any note, I cannot type the letter "s" in lyric input, it simply does not work. Pasting an "s" in does work so I can still have a word with an "s" in it however it is just very painful to input. I have found that if you try to type the "s" and then another letter after it, it will not input either- the "s" seems to take up two key presses if that makes any sense. I am using the normal US Keyboard (so no chance it's trying to input a weird other character or anything) and I can type S's fine in tempo input and staff text input, just not lyrics. I've tried this on the latest version and on a clean install so none of my preferences or shortcuts are changed.

This has been an issue on all my scores.

I'll provide any further info if something changes or if some other information is required.



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