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• Feb 3, 2009 - 13:32

In choir music sheet I would appreciate to be able to use different styles (at least italic) for succesive verses. This is an help for chorists when there is a large number of verses.


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yes we can.....change locally lyrics to italic, working one sylable at time, and then print
but this property is not saved!......

we can also change the style, which affects all lyrics lines (I would just affect for instance the even ones), and this is saved, and the result is visible after reloading

I checked in the xml msc files, tried some modifications, adding italic markups to some sylables, but with no results

Preparing choir scores I use to split measures in order to have whole phrases on one system. So, for instance, one system ends by a "half measure", and the next one begins with the second half of this measure.

However I would appreciate to show measures numbers according to the musical measures, which mean I should find some way to modify the number given to a measure, letting the software calculating the next ones from this declared value...

at the time I have to not activate the measure number calculation, and just write them ....

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the way you choose to cope with these irregular measures seems pretty good, and once you'll have used it once, one remembers.

However if the irregular measure is void, the silence is shown according to the usual convention for a void measure, the 4/4 silence.
I tried to turn this silence invisible, and to add a "text silence", but silences signs are not available in the F2 edit palette, and I was not able to find them in the system UTF-8 palette.

As a turn-around I used two silences (of appropriate lengthes) in the irregular measure.

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I'm assuming that by "silences" you are referring to rests? So, rather than a whole rest in an irregular measure that has only one beat, you want a quarter rest? The only way I've been able to make this happen is to insert a random quarter note to fill the measure and then delete it. It will change into a quarter rest. If you want the rest pattern to follow what the other voices are doing, you can add those rests the same way as the other notes, except press the space bar instead of the note name.
Hope that helps.

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Yes it helped!

Very happy that you got that "silence" is french for "rest" (another word of french ascent)....and I got exactly what I wanted.

It's however curious that I thought I tried it......perhaps some sort of Alzheimer disease.....


In response to the original question about lyric text styles, the latest prereleases now allow you to style odd and even lyric lines separately.

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When typing out song lyrics it is common to make the chorus italic, to make a clear break from the verse. To do this currently in MuseScore I need to CTRL+I for every syllable. It would be nice to have this functionality (e.g. a "section break" that can be specified with different text).

I have tried using the text properties to change this, but there seems to be a bug there. See the attached file. The three parts should be identical.

The first two staves are the original. Notes added using note entry mode, lyrics added using CTRL+L. Phrase copied and pasted to create three identical parts, line breaks added at the end of each phrase.

To create the second, right-click on "it", select "Text properties...", click the I button, click OK: "it" replaces the note.

To create the third, repeat steps above, then undo (CTRL+Z): "it" disappears, along with the note that should have been there.

Using version 0.9.5 revision 2012.

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