2x Figured Bass in the manual

• Nov 20, 2015 - 09:16

Hello all,

while continuing some translations of the handbook into german language I noticed that the chapter on figured bass is 2x present in the manual: on page 151 and on page 185. I don't think that it's really necessary to have this chapter twice and I would like to propose to delete one of them.

I did the translation of this chapter and saved it into the german manual. When I open the online-handbook everything is OK, the german translation is shown. When I download it as a PDF-File something strange happens: the german text doesn't appear on page 151 (it's still the english version), but on page 185 the whole chapter is in german.

As long as I have seen there is only one way to edit and save changements/translations and I only have seen the "figured bass"-chapter one time in the online handbook. Is there a way to change this confusion?



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I've had a look now - but it seems that nothing has really changed in the PDF-version of the handbook. The chapter of figured bass is still there in two different versions: on page 151 in english and on page 185 in german.


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