arch linux ARMv7-A: extremely long stems on beamed notes

• Nov 26, 2015 - 09:08

File this under fringe unsupported use case. I got a Asus C201 Chrome Book (uses a Rockchip RK3288 soc with Quad ARM Cortex-A17), and wiped ChromeOS and replaced it with Arch Linux. Note input on a fresh score seems to work fine and I can hear notes (I'm acutally suprised it is not terribly slow), but I've noticed that when I load one of my scores made on x86 or "Reunion" or "Getting Started", that some of the note stems and slurs are extremely long. If I export a pdf (attached) or a png (below), the glitch persists:


If I open the debugger for that first glitched note of meas 5:


then I see its stem has an unusally long length of 301.25. The glitch with that long slur seems to be that a result of the long stem of the first note of meas 25.

I'm going to look into more...I'm just reporting now incase someone has noticed this before or has and idea what to look for. (Probably is some cpu-specific issue...maybe something about how the compiler interprets some number's data type or some assumptions about floating-point arithmetic). I'm not sure if it an arch-linux specific issue either (I could try running debian on this machine to test that hypothesis). This happens both on 2.0.2 and latest git master 3543170 I've self-compiled with gcc 5.2.0.

As an aside, I was suprised that arch linux arm project somehow was able to successfully build 2.0.2 on Oct 12 (…) because prior to that when I reported the issue arch linux arm was failing to build mscore...and there was a fix that was after 2.0.2. So I'm guessing arch linux arm changed something in their build environment or script since then. (But I still think should keep that fix)

I'm also attaching pdfs generated from git build for "All Dudes", "Reunion", and "Triumph" which exhibit the same issue with long stems. I also see that 1st & 2nd volta lines are not where they should be, and I also see some orphaned beams.

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Getting_Started.pdf 62.25 KB
All_Dudes.pdf 52.29 KB
Reunion.pdf 60.4 KB
Triumph.pdf 58.08 KB


This is similar in appearance to the bug that arose (still arises?) when beaming across systems. Try opening the Beam Properties palette then [Ctrl]a to select all, double-click on Beam start and double-click on Auto beam.

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