[trunk] musicxml import crashes

• Jan 26, 2011 - 14:32
S4 - Minor

ubuntu 10.04
mscore 3746 M and 3944 M

save a score under xml, then try to open the xml file : crash


lost between trunk and pre. I thought that the version number was enough to make the distinction.
3944M is prerelease for version 2.0.0
3746M is prerelease for version 1.0.0
I attached 2 crashing xml

Attachment Size
essai.xml 19.31 KB
enfants.xml 621.43 KB
Title xml import crashes [trunk] xml import crashes

Verified the issue:
- 1.0 is OK (both files import w/o crashing, save as MusicXML and reopen also OK)
- trunk does indeed crash on both files.

Thanks for reporting this. Is on my TODO list.

- svn revision numbers are shared between all versions and thus do not distinguish between 1.0 and the trunk.
- MusicXML I/O was broken in the trunk due to the big redesign to mscore's core, but is (slowly) being fixed.

Status (old) active closed

Both files import without crashes in the current trunk. Apparently solved implicitly by previous changes and/or bug fixes. Will close the issue.