piano keyboard in playback

• Nov 30, 2015 - 16:09

as from the view dropdown menu or from "P".
It plays back the drum set which can be confusing;
also it does not always get octave change of clefs.


Can you post a score that shows the problem with octaves?

For drum set, actually, the fact that it shows which note is being played back is extremely useful, as it helps one learn which key corresponds to which drum sound for the purpose of note entry. Indeed, for many of us, it's actually the *main* value of that particular feature, as it doesn't really tell me anything I don't already know with respect to "regular" notes.

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>Can you post a score that shows the problem with octaves?
somewhere in he 14 and half minutes of my op9,
I'll try to make a not of where next time I play it through,
it sometimes misses the octave clef....

The drum set... it means that i see all these chords that I don't hear...

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Whether you want drum notes to show on the keyboard depends on your reason for looking at the keyboard I guess. Apparently you are using it to check your harmonies. Others, however, may use it as a learning tool, and for that use case you definitely want to see the ntoes.

Meanwhile, you can suppress the playback of the drum notes by selecting them and unchecking "Play" in the Inspector. This will then also prevent them from showing in the piano keyboard window.

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What happens is it misses the 8ve and 15th lines in piano play back,
it seems to get the octave clefs ok.

but the drum "notes" are unpitched, when I see all those notes low down on the piano keyboard I expect to hear some sort of low cluster, when this does not come out feels odd.....

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