Keyboard not working

• Dec 20, 2015 - 19:22
S5 - Suggestion

So I opened up MuseScore and tried to write. I typed A on the Clarinet Line to get the instrument to play an A, but the letter didn't work. I typed it over and over, I tried other notes, BCDEF, not one worked, I tried different instruments, didn't work, I tried a new score, didn't work, I restarted the program, didn't work, I re-downloaded the program, didn't change a thing. I have to manually go in and click input note and click the note, and if I type a wrong note I have to stop Note input manually (the N key won't work either) and select the note, and delete it (guess what, my Delete button won't work either.) Making writing scores go from an hour or two to about 5 to 6 hours per section of one song. This is happening only in musescore, as the keyboard works perfectly fine in all other applications.


Which operating system? And is there anything unusual about the keybaord? Bluetooth connection, etc?

Let's be absolutely sure you are doing things correctly. Please follow these steps precisely:

1) start MuseScore
2) click first measure of "My First Score" so a blue rectangle appears
3) press N followed by A

Does the rectangle stay there, or does anything happen at all?

Also after doing that, try pressing Ctrl+S. Do you get a file save dialog?

If following those steps does not work, please do the Revert procuedre again, and this time, use a terminal window if you are not already, and when running MuseScore from there, see if any output is reported there whern you press N or A.

I would like to say that I re-re-re-downloaded MuseScore and finally my keyboard is again working! I don't know what the problem is, but if it occurs again I will make sure to refer back to here! Thank you for being so helpful!