Reset dynamics velocity?

• Dec 28, 2015 - 15:58

If you click on any dynamic marking in the score, it is possible to click a reset button in the Inspector next to "Dynamic > Velocity." This appears to set the velocity to Zero. But if you click off the dynamic then click on again, the velocity has reset to the original value.

Is this a bug? It doesn't seem feasible that anyone would want to set the dynamic velocity to zero, so perhaps this button should be greyed out?


I believe the intent of "0" as a velocity setting for a dynamic is to specify "no change". The "reset to default" operation does not actually know the defaults for each individual dynamic, so there is no meaningful value it can reset to. Probably it should indeed be greyed out. Currentl behavior seems harmless enough though.

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See #148626: Add support for silent playback for niente dynamic
As there is no meaningful default, the reset button should just go away, IMHO. And it is gone in the nightly builds, since 6b19fdf2.

0 for no change makes sense for the velocity of individial notes when their "Velocity type" is set to "Offset" rather than "User", but there is no velocity type for dynamics. Here twe seem to handle with dynamics and accents, the latter being set to 0 velocity by default.

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