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tempos stays at 80 when I change it


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What do you expect? There is one tempo text and it reads 'prestissimo', it is set to 200BPM (which is actually quarters notes per minute), and as far as I can see this is what you get. Are you expecting 200 half notes per minute? If so, you'd Need to adjust the tempo to 400BPM
Or use a tempo text that has a "<halfnote> = 200" , set it to 'follow text' and let MuseScore do the calculation.

The score you attached here is different from


200 vs 135BPM and 2/2 vs. 4/4

Double-click on the text and change the figure there. If Inspector has "Follow Text" ticked (the default) then the playback tempo will be adjusted accordingly.

I have another funny problem with the tempo text:
playback uses always the last number to be entered, not the current one.
(default: 80
type 120, plays 80
type 5, plays 120,
type 800, plays 5, and so on)

file shortened and attached

(by the way, Marc, I haven't forgotten the scrolling thing on first pages, but reading how to, and then report bugs will still take some time, I'm afraid...)

yours, danchricob

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