Extra lines when creating parts

• Feb 13, 2011 - 17:58
S4 - Minor

When creating parts, sometimes the lines from other parts are created too in parts that do not have them.

There is no clear way to reproduce this, but the problem is present in the attached testcase.

Here is how I reproduced this in the first place (but seems to happen only sometimes, or perhaps in another conditions):

  1. Create a multi-part score (e.g. 2 instruments).
  2. Add a simple line (7th palette, last item) below some note and extend it, so it spans to a second row.
  3. Define the parts containing 1 instrument per part.
  4. Create a part that doesn't contain the above mentioned line

Result: A line was created for the wrong part.

To see this in the attached testcase do this: file->parts->Create a part for the bass.
As you can see there is a "cresc." line that shouldn't appear (should be in the flute part only).

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I'm not able to reproduce starting from a new score. Are you sure you didn't use a volta bracket to start with instead of a simple line to create the crescendo marking?

(Tested using MuseScore 1.0, Windows 7)

Status (old) needs info closed

As there has been no response, I close this.

Please post again if you continue to encounter it.