How to control volta repeats during playback

• Feb 16, 2011 - 20:46

I have a piece that repeats 3 times. All I want is for the first time measure to be played at the first and second time through and the second time measure to be played at the third time through. I have put appropriate volta lines over the final 2 measures (numbered 1.-2. and 3. and have put repeat bar lines at the end of the 1. - 2. measure. I have used the measure properties of the 1.-2. measure to specify 3 repeats. But on playback the first time bar is played at the end of first time through but the second time bar is played at the second and third time through. Are the volta lines designed to be 'connected' to the playback controls such that playback recognises and responds to the numbers in the volta boxes? Or is there a setting I need to use to make this connection? Or is there no way of ensuring playback follows the volta numbering?


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Yes. Got it in one! My system looks just like yours with the first and second time measures numbered like yours and with the first time measure properties set to repeat = 3. And yours plays as it should. But mine plays the first time measure once and the second time measure twice.

I'll try a simple score like yours on my computer and check that it works properly then I'll copy my score and try deleting the final measures and redoing them.

Many thanks for the help. At least I now know it should work.

Here is my volta experiment. As far as I can tell it is notated properly but it still will not play properly. Something weird happens at the end of the second time through. Any thoughts? Perhaps the problem is because I put in a 2. numbered line above the second time measure and then changed its numbering to 3.

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Writing music is a complex project, no matter how comfortable you are playing it. Without overpopulating the screen with every option (as some programs actually do) I'm not sure what could be done to make it more intuitive.

Perhaps putting a field in the inspector that you could adjust when you select a repeat barline that will update the same option as the play count in measure properties?

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That gets rather complicated. I've seen examples with at least 3 voltas and 2 repeat barlines with rather arbitrary playback orders. MuseScore doesn't understand the purpose of the voltas until the repeat counts are correct. This is evident from unrolling a score.

I'm not saying it can't be done and you are for more familiar with that part of the code than most people so ultimately I would defer to you if you decide to implement an easier method. I thought my idea was simple and would fit with other uses of the inspector.

I'm having trouble with repeats in Musescore 1.1.

I'm trying to create a 1,3 and a 2,4 volta but no matter what I do, it always gets played back wrong.

One of the problems I am having is that in the 2nd volta bracket, if I put the repeat sign there, the repeat sign within the first volta bracket gets ignored. If I don't put any repeat sign within the second volta bracket, repeats 3 and 4 never get played back.

Any hints or advanced tutorial?

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for correctly chain any awkward volta would be to have as measure property a list of which next measure to play according to how many times the measure has been played, the default being the next one.
This would solve any "gordian knot"

pour "enchaîner " correctement est de prévoir dans les propriétés d'une mesure la possibilité d'une liste des destinations (numéro de mesure suivante) lors des passages successifs. C'est la méthode utilisée par le logiciel commercial Pizzicato.

I have a piece with 4 voices. I downloaded the piece at the start of this thread to try the volta repeat, and it worked fine. I added a voice on my own, and it still worked fine. But when I try to do it with my score, what is happening is that when the playback returns to the beginning, all the notes stay lit up, so all the notes are held and keep playing, as opposed to normally, when only the note playing lights up, and turns off when the next note is played. I tried replacing the volta with a simple repeat barline, and the same thing happens. Any suggestions?

The File "Volta Test.mscz" provided by Bill Fleming on Feb 17, it works. But I inserted a measure to the 1st repeat measure , and extended to attach to the correct bar, then the First -time Ending now contain two measure, and it errors.

That means if the First-Time Ending contains only one measure, it works, if contains more than one measure, it errors.

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That's a 2.0 score. i.e. it won't open in 1.x. You'd better have mentioned that ;-)
And it plays correctly if you increase the repeat count of the last measure before the close repeat to 3.
So basically the same problem as originally.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I am sorry that I sent you 2.0 score, because I checked both 1.2 and 2.0 to make sure the problem had been solved in the new version.

I have to say sorry again, because I cannot make it playing right.

I want to play the melody three times, so I have two method to do it.

1. use |: :| to play the melody twice and the third time using D.S. al Coda. but I found out that if the Segno Marker put with the !: will jump error (jump to the 2nd time not the coda).
Please see the attached file, Method_1_OK.mscz, It plays correctly.
Please see the attached file, Method_1_ERROR.mscz, it plays wrong, jump to the 2n repeat but not coda.

2. using volta to repeat 3 times, but I found that if the 1st repeat part contains more than 1 measure, it jump wrong place. But you said increase the repeat count will play correctly. I still cannot do it, can you correct my file and send me back.

The file is Method_2_ERROR.mscz.

Thank you very much for your attention. And I love musescore very much.

Best Regards

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I have the same problem. I have looked at the link and done mine exactly the same as the link, but it plays the repeat bars and then goes straight into the 3rd time bar instead of going back. :(

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Thanks Kuwitt. Yes I have changed the repeat count. I also deleted all the repeats and put them back one at a time and it still doesn't work. I will see if I can attach the score.

Sorry, the only way I could put it up was to save it on line. It is called 'It's Christmas'
I am signed in as donmany13. The words were written by Enid Natali and the music by me Don Many

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I'm in the same boat. My first volta is for 1st & 2nd repeat, then the final volta is for the third pass. But during playback, the second verse plays the first volta and then plows thru the repeat into the final volta.

On the first volta I changed the Text to "1.-2." and changed the Repeat List to "1, 2". I've verified that the measures inside the volta all have a Play Count of 2. The final volta seems to be the problem. I've changed the Text to "3." and the Repeat List to 3, but when I look at the measure properties of the measures inside the final volta, the Play Count is 2 and it's grayed-out so I can't change it.

For the final volta, I've tried using the open-ended 2-volta (and changed the properties) and the close-ended 3-volta (and verified the properties) with the same result. It also doesn't seem to matter if I stretch the volta to enclose all the measures or not.

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Only the last measures that actually contain repeat barlines should have play count set - it's greyed out for everything else because without a repeat bar, there is no decision for MuseScore to make about how many times to play.

In order for us to see what is going on and offer better advice, it would help if you attached the score you are having trouble with.

I have a traditional pipe/fiddle tune which doesn't playback properly. The first line should be repeated then at the second repeat it should repeat from the start, play the first line twice and then finish on the 2nd volta.

The playback however, repeats the first line and then skips the 1st volta bar and finishes on the 2nd volta. The first volta bar is skipped and the second repeat is ignored. Is there a way of making it play back correctly?

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Many thanks for that. This problem had me teariing my hair out! The score now plays back properly in MuseScore. Many of our players use MuseScore to play along with and it is helpful to have the playback correct especially when there is a harmony part. Notwithstanding the discussion here our players happily use the score as I originally posted with repeats and voltas. Our understanding is that the closing repeat refers back to the last opening repeat and that seems to work for us although I accept that there may be ambiguity.

Often fiddle tunes are played in sets and in the case where the tune is not the first tune in the set, DC al Coda can be replaced by DS al Coda and a Segno mark placed in the first bar of the tune.

Thanks again

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