tie command faulty

• Jan 10, 2016 - 06:16
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S4 - Minor

Although I have successfully used the tie icon to tie together the same pitch, it failed to work as expected when I attempted to apply it recently.

I tried to tie two notes across two adjacent measures, the first note was a 16th note and the second note was an eighth note. When I applied the tie, the first note (the 16th note) was changed into a dotted eighth note, and the second note (an eighth note) was removed from the second measure! This resulted in two incorrect measures, the first one being in excess by 1/8 note, and the second one being shy of 1/8th note.

This erroneous result could not be undone; I could not reverse the error by using the undo command; so I had to rebuild the correct melody note by note, because attempts to re-add the eighth note to the second measure failed; neither could I undo the dot from the first note. I can make the two measures appear as I want only by using a "slur" instead of a tie, but of course, the playback was not what I wanted.

Please advise.

GIT commit: f51dc11


Your request for more information is encouraging since you did not spot anything I was doing that was obviously wrong. It's hard to distinguish sometimes between problems I am having because of my inexperience with the software and the presence of a real bug. I was hoping you could say, "Oh, yes, we have had tie-issues with so and so situation; do this to fix it."

I discovered that the tie command worked OK, if I changed the duration of the second note from an eighth note to a quarter note. The effect was pleasing but not my best preference for the sound of the melody in the playback. So, the tie function still works, but not in all note environments.

I will attach my score later only if I start having more serious problems with it as I continue to work on creating printable sheet music from my shorthand notes for my composition.

Thanks for your attention.

Appreciative fan of MuseScore!


Well, the tie command definitely works correctly in all cases I have seen *if* the score is not corrupt. So chances are pretty good yours is, but it's also possible you are simply doing something incorrectly. No way to tell unless you attach the score, though. Feel free to delete all but the relevant measures.

BTW, "Assigned" is to identify the programmer who will fix a bug not the person who reported it. So unless you are volunteering, please like this unassigned :-)

Thanks for your reply! Please tell me what would I have to do to preserve the printed contents of my score if it is corrupt. I hope it doesn't require me to start from scratch to regenerate it. I can imagine one solution might involve saving a copy of the score, as is, and then copying and pasting it into the freshly reinstalled application - but that process might also carry over the bugs underlying the corruption. Thanks.