Footer doesn't seem to use kernings of fonts

• Jan 16, 2016 - 09:32
S4 - Minor
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In the footline, it is especially obvious with the given text style with the font freeserif, the text doesn't use kerning. In the attached example there is an ugly gap between 'g' and 'ü' (the same also with 'g' and 'u'). It can also be seen with 'W' and 'e' for instance.
In the lyrics with the same font there is no problem (I attach an example, where I use the same font in lyrics, the worktitle is the beginning of the song).

GIT commit: 0d91086


I have now once again tested this file on the current release (2.02) and on the current nightly (2.03), under linuxmint 17.3, here are the snapshots.
Kerning on lyrics etc. works fine, but the 2.03 nightly here shows this gap, whereas the Release version seems to work quite good, but not optimal. If I use on the latter version the "Größe folgt spatium" (size follows spatium), the charactes seem to be set perfect ...
But with the current nightly 2.03 (baea1c8) that doesn't change anything!

2.02 Release
2.02 Release with spatium
2.03 nightly

One further comment:
I now tested that with file with the current version of the portable 2.1 nightly version (d111124) on linux.
There is still the same problem with the used font "FreeSerif" (in lyrics and footer) ...
And it doesn't have something to do with the footer, but with different sizes.

As I now also tested it with my text program - it seems as if the kerning of this font doesn't work there too.
So I probably will have to delete that font, as with Linux Libertine and other fonts I have better alternatives!

... and it doesn't seem to be a bug in musescore as it looks.