Make start and end measure incomplete.

• Feb 24, 2011 - 16:31


I have a piece to arrange and it has a 4/4 signature, but the first measure only has 3 beats and the last measure has 1 beat. How can I do this in MuseScore?



MuseScore has a provision for this.

Make those two measures “Irregular.” First highlight the measure and then right-click and choose “Measure Properties.” Click “Irregular” then adjust the Actual Measure Duration to the true number of beats it contains -- either three or one in your example.

This is also useful for cadenzas where the Nominal measure duration goes out the window for a time.

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This is described in the handbook. See measure operations , "Duration".

The "irregular" checkbox just means that it is not counted in the measure numbers. In most instances you do not want the pickup measure to have a measure number, but technically the end measure shouldn't be marked as "irregular" in MuseScore since you do want to include it in the measure numbering. This is described in the "Irregular" section of measure operations .

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