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• Jan 20, 2016 - 22:13

I'm attempting to add a first and second ending to a score, and I want MuseScore to play back the score correctly - that is, to repeat to the beginning of the passage and then to take the second ending the second time through.

I've found the first and second ending line in the "lines" menu, and placed them above the right measure. But don't I also need the "repeat symbols" (the double dots placed near the end of first ending and at the beginning of the passage-to-be-repeated?

But I cannot figure out how to get the double dots placed there in the score. And, when I play back the score, it does not repeat.

To recap, my question is: How do I place first and second endings in a score correctly?

Please see attached score....

Thanks, Grant

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Just a comment: I've often thought about this - the fact that repeat signs are found under the barline pallette rather than the repeats pallette. Once you know about it, it makes sense, but a newbie generally won't make the connection.

I don't have a solution, therefore I haven't mentioned it before.

Make sure you put an end repeat after the first ending, then it will automatically go to the second ending without it playing the first ending again once it repeats.

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There are a number of things off, starting with the fact that you have two first endings, also there is no repeat after the first one. Probably you should have had one single repeat extending over all three bars - see the Handbook to learn how add voltas properly. Also, if you want a volta played 2nd & 3rd time, you have to set it that way in the Inspector - doesn't matter what you put in for the text, it's the actual repeat list you need,

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The Handbook...The Handbook....The Handbook.
Do you understand fully everything you read.
I do not, as I do not qualify to be in the MENSA category.
So I ask questions.
I have tried but I CANNOT extend the line from the staff above to the one below.

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1st remove one of the 2 existing 1st voltas (take the one in the next system), then select the remaining one and to the Shift+right twice, voila!
Or delete both, click measure 42, Shift+click measure 44, apply the 1st volta from the palette using a double click

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One shouldn't need to be in MENSA to understand the following section from the Handbook, which is right there at the link given:

"To change the number of measures that a volta covers
Go into Edit mode on the volta. The end handle is automatically selected.
Press Shift+→ to move the end handle forward one measure. Press Shift+← to move the handle backward one measure. Repeat as required."

The only part of that I could see being confusing is if you didn't know what "Edit mode" was, but since you indicate you have extended voltas elsewhere, it seems you must have figured that out, And in any case, the phrase "Edit mode" is a link that takes you directly to that page of the Handbook.

So if there is something confusing about this, it would help if you explained which sentence you found confusing, then we can asssist better. Then after we explain in more detail the specific part you didn't understand, you could perhaps make a suggestion for how that sentence could be reworded to make it clearer for others in the future.

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Do you understand fully everything you read.
No, I do not.

From your previous answers it seemed that you were unaware of how to extend a volta line; that links you straight to the steps needed to do so.

So I ask questions.
Which is a good thing, undeniably.

I have tried but I CANNOT extend the line from the staff above to the one below.
Using the steps from the handbook however does work for millions of users, so either we're facing a bug here or a misunderstanding.
So help us help you; tell us which step there is failing. What have you done exactly? Make your description as foolproof as possible and assume I can't see your screen and don't even know how a computer works. So tell exactly how many times you click where and what keys to press in what order.
Then perhaps together we can figure out what is going wrong.

Ranting against those trying to help you, won't really help you. Providing them with more detailed information to be able to clear up the miscommunication will...

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Ranting might've been a strong word, as is accusing.

What the main point to take away from my post should've been however is simply saying "it doesn't work" and repeating that over again without specifying what doesn't work exactly will simply result in other people saying that "it does work".
The end result is both parties being unsatisfied.

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