Prima volta issues

• Jan 25, 2016 - 23:01

Hi there,

I'm writing a piece for my choir which contains a very long 'prima volta' (12 measures).

In the windows application everything is fine. But when I open the score in Musescore Songbook or I am viewing it online at the volta has disappeared. It is only there if it is two measures in width; Make it three measures long and it is gone again.

See PDF; prima volta is placed from measure 25 until measure 36; but is nowhere to be found.
When you take a look at the mscz file; it is where it should be.

Who knows how to fix this? Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Thank you very much,

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I don't see any volta at measure 25 in the PDF or the MSCZ file. There is a volta at measure 37. If I add one from measure 25 to 36, then save and reload, it remains in place. So I can only guess you did something wrong in placing it, although what I don't know. The second volta appears to have been created correctly - eg, with Shift+right to extend it, or selecting the range then double clicking the palette icon.

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Thanks for your help!

I don't get it. I placed the volta as described in the manual (select measure and doubleclick in the palettesbox and extend it with shift+left. The seconda volta is where it shoud be. Only the first volta keeps disappearing. I place it in the score, save it and when I reopen it it's gone.

This morning I dived into the problem. I could't get it saved. I could place the volta but it disappeared when I saved the file. I noticed that when I placed it in only one measure and then saved it it was there when I reopened it. I than extended the volta one measure with shift+left and saved the file. On reopening it was still there. So with repeating these steps i was able to get the volta in place. But when I place the volta and extend it directly to the 12 measures length it should be it still disappears.

I created a new score where the volta should be in the mscz-file. I doublechecked it this time and the volta is also showing in the songbook app.

Any thoughts on why this is happening? I am using the latest version of musescore and windows 10 64-bit.

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Confirmed to fail in yesterdays nightly (6205e12) as well.
If you start at measure 25 and then shift+right the volta gets saved correctly.

Workaround for OP: place your voltas at their starting measure and enlarge them with shift+right

Successfully reproduced on a new empty score. Issue only presents itself when extending a volta to the left for more than one measure (so one measure to the left is fine).
Issue is not affected by page breaks within the volta

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After creating the score I selected measure 36 and left doubleclicked on the prima volta in the palette box. Then Ieft doubleclicked on the volta icon and selected the left box. Then I extended it with shift+left until it reached measure 25. Then I saved it. After reopening the file it wasn't there anymore.
As I said in my previous reply to you; I can only save it if I extend it one measure at a time, save it an extend on measure and so on.

I tried it with several others scores I made; all with the same result. When I extend the volta over more than one measure at a time it isn't saved apparently.

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