Request easy way of unhiding a staff set to "Hide when empty"

• Jan 27, 2016 - 23:35
S5 - Suggestion

In the attached file, one of the 4 voice lines doesn't show up in nightly version 2.1.
If I open it in the release version it will complain (saved with newer version), but then shows all 5 instruments.

GIT commit: d08e14c

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It appears you set that staff to always hide when empty in its Staff Properties. It's empty, so it got hidden. So, not a bug.

Getting the staff back is currently a little tricky. The way I know is to enter a note on it by going into note input mode on the staff above, then hitting Alt+Down to move the cursor to the missing staff, then entering a note. Then it will appear, and you can access its Staff Properties.

Ultimately, it might make the msot sense to implement the controls requested in #74181: Up/down next/previous staff navigation buttons in Staff Properties dialog, similar to existing feature in Measure Properties. I'll leave this feature request separate, though, as there might well be a more direct solution (like a checkbox in Style / General to force all staves to be displayed).

Yes, there should indeed be a possibility to change the notation system property!
Possibly by using style options ("show first system of empty systems"), which then could override the "always hidden" option, which only makes sense, if it can be reverted in some way (without using such hidden tricks ;-) ) ...