Printing problems

• Mar 8, 2011 - 01:05

Hello, I have been successfully printing various PDF files on an antique beige G3 Mac running OS 9.1 hooked up to an Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS printer, but have run into trouble with PDFs created by MuseScore.

Once I have a file completed in MuseScore, say Tune.mscz, I "Save As..." to get a PDF version, Tune.pdf. I burn this onto a CD-RW, take it down to the dungeon where the antique computer and printer reside, feed the CD to the G3, invoke Acrobat Reader 4 to open the PDF (which works fine)... and request Print.

The pages Spool and Print Monitor goes through its dance: Preparing Data, Processing Job, etc... but then, nothing.

Anybody else have trouble printing PDFs created in MuseScore? Is there a way around the problem? I'm mystified because other PDFs print fine, it's only those coming from MuseScore which balk.

I haven't yet tried a "Save As..." to make a .ps version (postscript)... not sure my G3 can open such files or deal with them, but I will give it a try.

Thanks for help!



Might be a different problem if your printer is responding (even if it's not printing) and you're using Acrobat Reader.

I've had trouble printing scores myself (the print doesn't respond) - the workaround was specifying the page numbers (instead of all) in 'Print'. I was using Mac 10.4.11 and Preview.

If it's not that, do eHow or OS X Daily help perhaps?

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