Margin size error

• Feb 7, 2016 - 04:09

When switching between mm and inches, the margin values change beyond a mere conversion. On loading my score and going to page settings I see the following:


12.45mm 12.45mm


On switching to inch measurement I see:


0.49in 0.49in


Then to confuse matters...when I switch back to mm I see:


7mm 7.0mm (obviously these are the wrong values!)


On clicking apply while on mm, my margins physically change in the score to very narrow values compared to the ones I see correctly in inches.

This has to be a bug!


Very strange, I see something similar, both in 2.0.2 and the current master - except for me, it's 8.5mm that I get after switching back and forth. This seems rather worse than the slight rounding errors I remember being discussed here before. it looks like the values are reverting to some sort of default rather than just converting. Can anyone else confirm? Maybe it's 8.5mm for those of us in the US, 7.0mm for others?

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