Importing MusicXML - is it broken in trunk?

• Mar 13, 2011 - 01:03

It just crashes when I import it.

Using MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (4079) and Mac 10.4.11.


As far as I know it is not fundamentally broken (fresh build of trunk revision 4095 on Linux (Suse 11.3)), but does randomly crash about once in every twenty to thirty files imported. The crash has been present for some time, but I have not yet been able to find the cause. I cannot comment on the Mac status.

In case you have a file that always crashes and are willing to share, I can see if it also crashes on Linux and try to fix the crash.

Regards, Leon.

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Wikicopter, please explain, what does "busted in 1.2" mean ?

Note: 1.2 has been frozen for a long time and no maintenance is done on the 1.x series. Furthermore, the released 1.2 passes 58 out of 61 MusicXML regression testcases. The failures are two minors (slight layout differences) and one boundary case. So, 1.2 seems OK to me.

If you are aware of specific MusicXML issues in 1.2 that also happen in the trunk, please report those with all details. Just remarking that it is broken won't help.

The current trunk passes 68 out of 68 MusicXML regression testcases. Once again, please report structural issues.

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I haven't tried opening a MusicXML file in Musescore before. I just used Audiveris to create one, and musescore crashes on import 4/4 times I tried.

I'll try to attach the file if anyone cares to look at it for something obviously wrong. It's the first one I've looked at, so I have no perspective on what is right or wrong.

(musescore 1.2, running Win7)

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TheChristmasSong_4part.xml 183.38 KB

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Goto the Download page, scroll down the Nightly part and download the latest one (they are listed by date). They don't need to be installed. Keep in mind I said it was corrupted. Once a score is corrupted you will need to delete and re-enter any corrupted measures.

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Cause of the MuseScore 1.2 crash is the hairpin (crescendo) in the final measure of part 2. This is encoded in the MusicXML file in a way that is legal (begin and end are reversed) but not handled by MuseScore 1.2. The current nightlies do not support that either, but at least they don't crash. You will notice no hairpin is present after import into a recent MuseScore build.

Furthermore, the file indeed contains many incorrect tuplets (measures 5 and 6 in part 1). These are not MuseScore errors, the encoding in the MusicXML file is incorrect.

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