Why no alt(f)ile, alt(a)save as in MS?

• Feb 11, 2016 - 21:54

This has niggled at me for a long time. All other programs that I use on my windows machine allow an easy 2 stroke gesture to open the file window. However MS doesn't recognize the alt (a).

I would find it extremely useful.


Are you sure about those shortcuts? "Alt" shortcuts in Windows are generally to access *menus*, not *dialogs*. Alt+F will access the File menu, but Alt+A accesses the Add menu. This works for me.

There is no single "file window". However, the *save* dialog is accessed in MuseScore - as with virtually all programs - by Ctrl+S, whereas the *open* dialog is accessed with Ctrl+O. Again, these should all be exactly the same as virtually all other Windows programs.

"Save As" is the one shortcut that isn't as standardized as it could be. Ctrl+A is not available because that is "Select All" in virtually all Windows programs, so programs that wish to provide a shortcut for "Save As" need to do something different. MuseScore uses "Ctrl+Shift+S", which you can see by simply going to the File menu and seeing what is listed as the shortcut to the right of the command name.

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Yes, I understand now too. These are called "mnemonics", and actually, you don't need to keep holding "Alt" for them to work. That is, you press Alt+F" to access the File menu, then just press "A" (no need to keep "Alt" pressed) to access whatever item in the menu has the letter "A" underlined. But there is a bug where even though we have tried to define mnemonics for many menu items, they don't work for certain letters, such as A-G (presumably because those letters are hardcoded to note input). So that's why "Alt+F, A" doesn't work for "Save As". It's defined to work in the code, but the bug prevents it from working with the letters A-G. Works fine for Alt+F, R though, for examle.

But Ctrl+Shift+S definitely should work as a direct shortcut to "Save As".

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