Cannot insert image.

• Feb 13, 2009 - 15:19

I notice that the additions to 9.4 include the ability to drag and drop an image (JPG or PNG) into a score. I also see from the manual that frames are able to contain pictures. However I cannot get either to work.

This would have been useful to me as I wanted to add an "alternative" bar -- which I created as a JPG. However, drag and drop did nothing except create a new empty score (?)

Perhaps there is another, better, way to create altenate bars?


I'd also like to say congratulations and thanks to all who have contributed to this awesome software, I simply cannot say enough nice things about it.


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That's some impressive service.

Your PNG worked, no problems. I suspect that there's some issue with MSPaint's optimization of JPGs that caused this (though I'm surprised at PaintShopPro).

I'll report back if I glean any insights.

Thanks again, all.

I had troubles dragging and dropping too. I can't say if this was your problem or not, but I found that I could only use an image file which was stored on my C: drive. If it was on any other drive (even just a partition drive), it wouldn't work.

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