Copying Preferences shortcut data?

• Feb 13, 2016 - 03:57

Just wondering if it is possible to copy shortcut keys bound through preferences - if there is an ini file that it is stored in? I've started using musescore on a second computer and was wondering if there was an easier method than manually inputing the key binds again.


The info *is* stored in a config file, but the specific location is OS-specific. Which OS? For most versions of Windows, it's somewhere under AppData/Local, I think.

Eventually we'd like to add a way to save and load shortcut sets directly from the dialog.

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Windows 7 - I found the general ini file with Shoichi's link but as far as I can tell the file is just to do with recent opened scores and folder locations for scores, styles and templates (etc.).
I think this correlates to the general tab of preferences, maybe I'm blind but I don't think there is a section related to key shortcuts here.

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In that case, where are the initial shortcut bindings stored in the current stable release? It seems that in the latest version of MuseScore 3, they are stored in an XML file. What accounts for this difference? Is this something the community is moving toward, or is this due to a difference in compilation and packaging?

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the default shortcuts are built-in in MuseScore. Only if you change/add one they get stored in a file (but then all, even the one unchanged from default)
This is different in master (which will become MuseScore 3 one day) though. Here you'd find them in a MuseScoreDevelopment directory (next to a MuseScore2 directory, where MuseScore 2 stores its settings), and probably will find it in a MuseScore3 directory once it gets officially released

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