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• Feb 19, 2016 - 21:13
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Looking to try to put 26 note tuplex into a 6/8 bar. Needs 26 even notes to be played in a 6 quaver bar length. Have bashed my brains trying to get the software to handle this with no luck. Before I upgrade to Pro etc, I need to know that MuseScore can support such a simple task - can someone explain how, please? Many thanks

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Also note that the software itself has no "Pro" version. The MuseScore notation program is free and always the full version.

The musescore.com online platform does have a "pro" account allowing you to store/share more scores through that online platform. But that does in no way affect the functionality of the notation program.

Asking for help is -as Xasman noted- better at the forum.

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Thanks for the fast response.

Your tuplex test file attachment shows 39 notes in the bar of 6/8 time. That’s clever - although I can’t see what the settings were you used for that, I assume 13/2

I am trying for 26 notes in a bar, not 39. Given that this is a compound number when divided by the number of quarter notes in the bar, I wonder how you would fix that?

Thanks again.

PS - Forum suggestion noted - will look again but didn’t find obvious answers there either.

Apologies, that last example was indeed incorrect (posted in haste). The revised example attached here (I think) does demonstrate what you want though.

Here's the process:

1. Set your 6/8 time signature
2. Insert a dotted minim note or rest, and make sure it is selected
3. In the main menu, go to Notes>Tuplets>Other
4. In the Create Tuplet dialog which appears, under Type/relation, select 26/6 and click OK
5. Back in the score, you should see the tuplet (26 quavers in the time of 6)

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BTW, don't expect to necessarily *find* answers in the forum (although it *is* good to look first). It's mostly that the forum is the proper place to *ask* questions.

"MuseScore can support such a simple task"

MuseScore does support it, but 26plet is nothing but a simple task for any score editor...