Change to Distorted Guitar

• Feb 20, 2016 - 18:28

Is there any way to change the voice of the guitar to distortion in the middle of a piece of music and then chage it back?


See the Handbook under "Mid-staff instrument changes" as well as "Change and adjust sounds". Assumign you are starting with some other guitar sound and changing to distored (as opposed to starting with, say, trumpet), you won't actually need to use the "Change Instrument" command after adding the Instrument text as described in the first section; instead you can use the Mixer as described in the second.

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The second of the two Handbook sections I mentioned ("Change and adjust sounds"). It explains how to sue the Mixer. So, after following the instructions in the first section ("Mid-staff instrument change") for adding the Instrument text, skip the part about actually changing instruments - since you want to keep it as guitar - but use the Mixer to change the sound as explained in "Change and adjust sounds". You'll see two entries in the Mixer for the guitar - one for before the change, one for after. So you can set their sounds independently.

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You have to use Change Instrument text to switch between guitar sounds or change the instrument definition in the instruments.xml file to allow for the guitar to change from clean to distorted.

Instrument changes are the easiest way, just keep in mind that every time you change instruments a new mixer channel is created for that instrument, so you will need to adjust the sound for the distorted guitar every time it's used. I would suggest that you use Electric Guitar for clean and something like classical guitar (it has the same string definitions) for distorted, this will make it easier for you to decide when you need to change the sound in the mixer to distorted guitar.

I don't know enough about instruments.xml to explain how to change it. I do know that once it's fixed, you will only need two mixer channels and you will be able to use Mid Staff Sound Changes to switch between clean and distorted guitars. This is easier once the change is made.

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