Odd / Even margins order

• Mar 25, 2011 - 08:39

On the french forum,Tchoun suggests that Odd and Even margins should be inversed in the Layout -> Page settings.
Currently even is on top and odd at the bottom, and it seems illogical.

Any thoughts ?


I don't see that, neither in 1.0 nor in nightly 4078 (haven't check any newer)
But if it is that way in newer version, I'd vote for reverting back to the old way

EDIT: don't see it in 4111 either, so don't know what you're talking about?

Or is it different on Mac? I'm using WinXP...

I have always thought it to be illogical, but for one reason or another I always postponed to report it.

However, if the issue is raised, yes, I think they should be reversed.

From the logical point of view, the first page is always 1 (odd), so odd comes before even; even when there are other (unnumbered or differently numbered) pages before page 1 or when the current score is a portion of a larger work and begins with a page number greater than 1, still, in the wider picture, first page is 1.


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