chord symbols: using roman numerals and flats?

• Feb 23, 2016 - 14:50

I made a simple chart today with a variety of turnarounds using the jazz template in V2. All I wanted was slash notes and roman numeral chords, i.e., I-VI-ii-bII7-I. However, every time I entered a 'b' for a flat, as in bII7, musescore changed the lowercase b to a capital B. How can I prevent this from occurring?

Thanks for the help,



The other downside of doing it this way is that the "b" won't turn into a real flat sign. And none of the supplied standard fonts really look great for Roman numerals. Ultimately, we should have a better way of entering Roman numeral notation. There is the figured bass system, but it isn't optimzied for this usage either.

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