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• Feb 28, 2016 - 14:09
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by design

GIT commit: b797f81
Creating a new score from a template I receive capture d'écran93.png
rather curious for the mscore version of the day.
Same message when opening the template itself, but with an "ignore" button, and, ignoring, the template opens.
Saving it, it becomes usable with the mscore version of the day

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I know that, and made the template myself.
The oddity is that the message says that has been made by a more recent version of mscore.... (une version plus récente).
Such an oddity should not appears in the release of 2.0.3

I'm not sure if I understand, but a 2.1 nightly build is "more recent" than a 2.0.3 nightly build, even if they were downloaded on the same day.

The message I reported was issued by b797f81 which is a 2.0.3

and I have another Musescore installed :f51dc11 which is a 2.0.2

I am connected to both

and upgrade each time I am requested

I made the template previously: from the infos, it was on december 2014 23d, with a 2.0.3 musescore ....rather curious, perhaps because I save it to-day.

So, using my backup software I restored the file, and opened the included mscx, whose first lines are
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


indeed it's a 2.1, and it is so reported by the info menu.

So I would rather find a "2.1 PPA"....but it seems there is none, isn't there ?

Thanks for the clarification.