GSoC 2019: Week 5 - TreeWidget on a Palette

Posted 4 years ago

Work Planned To Do:

As mentioned in the last week, I wanted to place the icons of each element in the Palette Item. But due to certain difficulties that I had to face while using the Model-View Programming approach, me and my mentor decided it would be great to use a QTreeWidget instead of a QTreeView. Therefore, this week I had planned to work on creating a palette using a QTreeWidget instead of a QTreeView.

Work Done:

During this week, I had to start creating the palette from the beginning, This included doing the following things.

  • Created a QTreeWidget.
  • Place each palette on the QTreeWidget by using the QTreeWidgetItem (paletteItem)
  • Make the paletteItem to show a QListWidget which consisted of all the elements in the palette elements.
  • View icons of each paletteItem ( Till now I was able to only show the ones whose icons
    were readily available )
  • Rearrange the QListWidgetItems according to the width of the PaletteTree (QTreeWidget)
  • Also fixed a small bug caused due to the inappropriate layout of the QListWdiget in the paletteItem.


Work Planned to do this week:

Create Icons for the paletteItem that don’t have one.


Link to the new Palette:…