GSoC 2019: Week 9 - Applying the Palette Element to the Score II

Posted 4 years ago

Work Planned To Do:

Last week I was trying to implement the drag and drop and the mouse double-clicked function to use the elements in the palette. As mentioned in the previous blog I had to start from scratch by using the PaletteCellItem (QListWidgetitem) instead of the PaletteCells.

Work Done:

Completed implementing the double-clicked functionality for the palette Element. This enables the user to apply the element to the score by double-clicking the palette element. This time I started by working with paletteCellItem instead of the paletteCells and passed the element to the applyPaletteElement() to apply the element to the score. I also fixed some issue on the grid size of the palette Layout.

The gif provided below will show the results.


Work Planned to do this week:

I started this week by continuing on the implementation of the drag and drop functionality and I would also like to try on creating the menu options for the palette elements.