GSoC 2019: Week 12 - Adding Right-Click Menu

Posted 4 years ago

Work Planned To Do:

Complete creating a right-Click Menu Option and also make the back-end logic for each of the options for the context Menu

Work Done:

I have added the right-Click menu option for the palette item and also for the elements within each palette. I have made this by reimplementing the conextMenuEvent() of the palette to the PaletteList which provides the option to customize the paletteCellItem or the elements and also reimplementing the contextMenuEvent() of the paletteBoxButton to the PaletteTree which provides the user to customize the palette Items. I have implemented the Move-Up, Move-Down and also Delete commands for the menu options of the palette. In the menu option of the palette elements, I have implemented the palette Properties and also the delete function (the delete function may cause a crash after some delay)


I have yet to implement the PaletteProperties which uses the tags of the PaletteList (which is a QListWidget instead of the QTreeWidgetItem) I am currently implementing that. I have not yet implemented the Save, Load and was able to partially implement the Insert new Palette function.

Work Planned to do this Week:

I shall continue my work on the options of the context-Menu and fix certain issues caused due to the change from the QTreeWidgetItem to the QListWidget. I will make some clean-up for the code and submit the work product this week.