GSoC 2019: Week 11 - Setting Palette Items to the Score

Posted 4 years ago

Work Planned To Do:

Complete the drag and drop functionality for the new palette. I also planned to work on creating the Menu option for each palette items.

Work Done:

Completed doing the Drag and Drop functionality. It seems that I have missed reimplementing the mousePressEvent to get into the Drag and drop function last time, which I thought Qt will automatically handle. With the help of my mentor, I was able to finish implementing the drag and drop functionality. Now one can drag the element from the palette to the score.


Later I made some cleaning in the code to remove unwanted debug statements and comments. Currently, I am working on the right-click menu option for each palette Items, I have made the QMenu box which contains the list of options and I am working on the options. The options that I am going to add includes the options that are present in the previous version of the musescore, namely PaletteProperties move Palette Up/Down

Work Planned to do this week::

I plan to finish the right-click menu this week and also make some customization features available for the palettes. This will allow the user to make some changes for the ease of use.