GSoC 2019: Week 10 - Setting Palette Items to the Score

Posted 4 years ago

Work Planned To Do:

Completing the drag and drop functionality for the new palette was the main work that I planned to do the last week. The other job was to create a menu option for the palette items.

Work Done:

I started the week working on reimplementing the PaletteCell structure onto the PaletteCellItem (QListWidget) later, I continued my work on reimplementing the functions responsible for the drag and drop functionality. In the process of reimplementing these functions, I faced several issues using the QList of PaletteCellItem and I had to change it to a single item to debug where I went wrong. I also tried to create a sample widget to understand how drag and drop worked to help in finishing the functionality in the palette.
Meanwhile, I implemented the enter-key pressed functionality to apply the palette element to the score. This helps in synchronous with keyboard navigation. I also did some code cleaning which included removing unwanted comments and also some unwanted qDebug statements.

Work Planned to do this week::

I had to change the way to implement the drag and drop functionality in order to avoid any errors, so currently I have lagged behind, I hope I could finish this task within this week. I also want to continue working on menu options this week after I finish my drag and drop implementation