GSoC 2019: Week 8 - Setting Palette Items to the Score

Posted 4 years ago

Work Planned To Do:

Last week I was mainly trying to reimplement the drag and drop and the mouse double-clicked function to use the elements in the palette. To do these, I started reimplementing each of the function provided in the old palette to make it more relevant to the ListWidget of the new palette.

Work Done:

I couldn’t do much work last week since I had a fever for over 3 days and was recovering from that this Monday, now I am fine. Most of the time I was trying to figure out how these functions worked and how I could change it to make it work efficiently with the new palette without disturbing the old palette functions, which was crucial. At first, I tried to do the above-mentioned conversion from the old functions to the new functions by using the structures called PaletteCell, which was already implemented in the old palette, and I faced many errors in the conversion of the data-types and also I was trying to understand how certain variable would be of useful data to the new palette. While using the old system for getting the current element I found it would be more appropriate that I create the variables of the structure PaletteCell separately for QListWidgetItem and then use this item for the drag and drop feature. Currently, I am doing this to avoid any errors.

Work Planned to do this week:

I started this week by implementing the code using the paletteCellItem (QListWidgetItem) as the data for the element which is then passed to QDrag data which can be later added to the score. I am also having university exams this week but I don't think I would be spending much time learning for the exams, because I usually listen to the classes. I will put my best efforts to finish this week's tasks. The feature is still in progress and I hope I could finish it by this week itself.