Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Undo doesn't work after extending barlines if the last instrument is hidden yves.925 5 4 years ago
Issue no automatic scrolling while undoing note entries in Continuous View yves.925 4 4 years ago
Issue Tablature: modifying an existing note on the tab doesn't play the pitch yves.925 3 5 years ago
Issue Instrument Window: moving an added instrument to the top of the list makes the list appears more compact yves.925 3 7 years ago
Issue Strange behaviour when moving slur anchors after slur creation yves.925 6 7 years ago
Issue Text not kept when moving (cut-paste) an existing rehearsal mark yves.925 10 8 years ago
Issue Crash on paste of tuplet in imported MIDI file yves.925 3 8 years ago
Issue Playback Mixer: soling & unsoloing a second instrument makes it sound endlessly yves.925 0 8 years ago
Forum topic How to move a tempo anchor? yves.925 10 8 years ago
Issue Infinite program loop while playback with looping tie of death yves.925 5 8 years ago
Issue Wrong brace behaviour when adding only one stave of piano yves.925 0 9 years ago
Forum topic Span a volta over several measures with the mouse yves.925 1 9 years ago
Issue Removing instrument change on first note corrupts transposition yves.925 10 9 years ago
Issue Crash when selecting to end of score with mmrest yves.925 15 9 years ago
Issue Export to pdf: wrong size for the texts yves.925 9 9 years ago
Issue [Trunk] Sound briefly heard from last score after reopening chen lung 2 9 years ago
Issue The end of last played note while closing the file is heard when opening another file yves.925 9 9 years ago
Issue No sound while shifting up/down a tied note yves.925 10 9 years ago