Crash when selecting to end of score with mmrest

• Jan 27, 2015 - 21:05
S2 - Critical

I tried to reproduced it on other scores but I couldn't so here is the musescore file that is buggy with me.

I created this score on 2.0 beta1 by typing the clarinet part then adding the baritone sax (copy-paste of the clarinet part and transpose). I created then the two parts sheets.

Now I want to select the whole score of one of the instruments, let say the bari-sax. As usual, I click on the first measure then type Ctrl-Shift-End and it works as expected.

And now the problem with this specific score: if I do the selection on the main sheet (with all the instruments) it works. If I do this on the baritone saxophone specific part sheet, the program crashes.
If I use Ctrl-Shift-Right, Right, Right, Right,... instead (in order to extend the selection), it works correctly.

I've the priority to minor because I couldn't reproduce it with any other score with parts. Using Beta-2 on Win7.


Status (old) active needs info


Crashes are generally critical. :)

I can't reproduce - using MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2 and Nightly Build c169cc2 - Mac 10.7.5.

Can you try in a nightly build? It seems similar to this , but beta 2 was released after.


Title On a specific score (with multi-instruments): crash when selecting the complete instrument score on the "part" sheet Crash when selecting entire instrument in part

I've just tested with c169cc2 and it was the same. :-(

PS1: I have edited and corrected my first message, the keys (Ctrl-Shift-End, etc.) were missing.

PS2: of course crashes are critical, but if it's barely reproducible and not blocking, I will not push the priorities... :-) I've no problem if the developers prefer to use their scarce time&energy on other more important topics first!

1. Open score.
2. View 'Baritone Saxophone' part.
3. Click on first bar.
4. Hold command (for Mac) and Shift until after step 5.
5. Hold Right until the last bar.

Are you doing the same?

Maybe it is OS-specific.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build c169cc2 - Mac 10.7.5.

Title Crash when selecting entire instrument in part Crash when selecting to end of score with mmrest
Status (old) needs info active

No, as explained in the original report, it doesn't crash if you extend the selection one bar at a time. Only if you extend to the end in one shot: Shift+Ctrl+End, or whatever the Mac equivalent is.

In fact, it's actually very simple to reproduce this in a score from scratch:

1) emtpy score
2) enter notes into first measure
3) press M to enable mmrests
4) save
5) close
6) reload
7) click first measure
8) shift+ctrl+end

Result: crash

It's the same basic problem I saw in #44466: Crash extending volta over mmrest starting a new system - the "real" last measure hasn't been laid out yet, so it is missing info about what system it belongs to, and we crash wehn trying to access that system.

Yes, I'm holding right, rather than repeatedly pressing.

I still can't reproduce, but it's good if you can.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build c169cc2 - Mac 10.7.5.

Again, the instructions specifically.say you can't reproduce using "right". It has to be "ctrl+end". Totally different key. I guess most Macs don't have an "end" key, but presumably there is an equivalent. What it is, though, it is *not " just holding "right".

Apparently Fn+Right gives you "End" on at least some Mac keyboard. So I guess Shift+Ctrl+Fn+Right.

Note also the crash goes away if you turn mmrests off then on again.

I should have a fix in shortly.