Removing instrument change on first note corrupts transposition

• Feb 3, 2015 - 18:47
S3 - Major

I've just have very strange behaviour while entering a new score (I hope it's not a duplicate, I don't know which keywords to search... ;-) )

I started a new score with Beta 2.0 (win7), with one barisax, and then entered the first notes "4 a a b b c c d d 5 e". Then I played a little bit with the title, added a "instrument" text, removed it, etc. Then I wanted to add a dot to the last 'e' (-> dotted 4th): the note jumped spontaneously two octaves below from E3 to E1!
Undo (Ctrl-Z) and retry to put a dot, it happened again.
Undo and saved the file.
Reopened the file: the E that was a E3 before saving&closing has now become a E1. :-(

I don't exactly what I did to reach this state, I can't reproduce it. But going on editing; I found another similar strange behaviour that is reproducible.

- Open this score.
- Select the first bar and 'copy' it
- paste it in the 5th bar
- shift it one half-tone up (Up arrow)
- the 'A's, 'C's and 'D's are shifted correctly, but the 'B's are shifted to the C one octave lower! :-(

Who has dared to put an imp in my musescore??? ;-)

It's also reproducible in nightly 0dfcac4 (from Friday)

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For what it's worth I don't see this under the latest nightly build (which is much newer than beta 2) so these bugs were likely fixed after beta 2 was released. You can download the latest nightly build and try that.

Status (old) active needs info

Yes, there were a number of bugs fixed involving transposition since Beta 2. You can still reproduce problems with this score in current builds - for instance, just toggle Concert Pitch on this score and you'll see things are already off by an octave before you even try copy and paste. So I'm guessing this score was created when the bugs still existed - presumably with Beta 2. So it's already corrupt. Recreate the same score in a current build and you should be good.

But I am wondering exactly how you created this score, since it seems unusual. The instrument says it is baritone saxophone, but the "Play transposition" in "Staff Properties" shows as nothing. Yet it *does* transpose. So something is *very* wrong with this score (technically, I can tell you it has bad concert pitch TPC information given the current transposition settings). If you can remember how you created it and see if you can reproduce those steps in a current build and report the results, that would be most useful. I want to make sure there isn't still a bug in this somewhere.

Yes, when I tries the playback, I've also noticed the instrument itself had become very strange, the sound was "grand piano" instead of a sax.

Got it reproduced! :-)

With the latest nightly 791625f

It is related with the text field "instrument".

- Create a new score, blank, one sax.
- Enter a few quarter notes a b c d e
- add the text "Instrument" above the first note.
- start the playback or play with button "concert pitch", everything is fine.
- now remove the text element "instrument" from the score
- then everything is strange.
--> the sax is still in the "instruments..." list but the list in the mixer has been emptied!
--> playing a few times with the button "concert pitch" shows strange octave jumps!

It's kind of a duplicate of #42326: Applying then removing "Change Instrument" to first note removes original instrument from Mixer but it's more than this one (the octave modifications)

Title Strange note shifts of one/two octave(s) while entering notes. Removing instrument change on first note corrupts transposition
Status (old) needs info active

I'm leaving it separate in case it turns out the fixes are in different places.