Release notes for MuseScore 3 Release Candidate (December 22, 2018)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
MacOS 10.12+:, Windows:, AppImage: 3.0.0 (revision: 96c1f7b) 22.12.2018



  • Ability to rename custom text styles
  • More intelligent layout of articulations, slurs, and hairpins
  • Improved rendering of various UI elements
  • New tours
  • New demo scores


  • Over a dozen crashes fixed
  • Bugs involving clefs
  • Bugs involving key and time signatures
  • Bugs involving automatic placement
  • Bugs involving tremolo
  • Restored ability to move text elements with cursor keys

List of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • #279829: Crash caused by incorrect mapping of voices between parts and master score
  • #279509: Removing a staff from the score in the instrument menu (Key-i) crashes
  • #279761: Time signature crash
  • #280215: Remove brackets leads to crash
  • #279570: Crash when removing added time signature if subsequent tie and rest in next measure
  • #280186: Reducing font size to 0 in Inspector causes crash
  • #279988: Crashing marking instruments invisible with hide empty staves enabled
  • #279693: Adding a tuplet to a non-top staff Part in Score+Parts causes crash
  • #280095: Crash on part generation in the presence of tremolos
  • #280012: Crash opening vtest/tremolo-1.mscx
  • #276976: Crash on clicking on some measures in a corrupted score
  • #140296: Crash on Linux on export to PDF when selecting an existing and sufficiently complicated file on trying to preview it
  • #279805: Changing instrument in the mixer crashes the application
  • #280347: changing a (staff/part/system) bracket's column (via Inspector) causes crash
  • #280345: Crash on undoing removal of time signature
  • Fixed the crash on creating new workspace with GUI Preferences
  • #279229: Piano roll editor: adjustment issues, including crash
  • #280364: Launch Timewise Input Mode causes crash

Corruptions and loss of data

  • #279096: Key signature added in measure that was previous at start of system does not appear
  • #279609: Inserting measure before measure previously at start of system displays spurious key signature
  • #279962: Ottava 8vb displays as 8va on save/reload
  • #279897: Setting “Custom Tablature” in Instruments windows results in standard staff
  • #276295: Save selection defaults to 4/4 time signature, but no display
  • #280370: Bad key signature insert on switch to concert pitch after inserting measures
  • #279676: Clefs after mmrests do not appear at first, are laid incorrectly after reload, are not linked to underlying measures, and can't be deleted
  • #279183: Adding time signature to measure with clef changes produces notes on wrong lines
  • #280092: Insert measure leaves clefs
  • #280435: Text moved by cursor still considered "styled" and thus not saved

Layout and automatic placement

  • #280055: Autoplaced chord symbol does not reset when adjustment no longer needed
  • #278490: Lines placed above the top staff when single note selected
  • #280140: First notes in bars are too close to start repeat, key signature
  • #280160: Disabling autoplace for image does not remove it from autoplacement
  • #280208: Hairpin should not cross barline by default
  • #280094: Time signature does not always update in score
  • #279880: Slurs do not move outside articulations if there is room to thread them through (most important tweaks)
  • #278975: Key signature continues to be applied after section break
  • #279832: Subtitle wrongly positioned in imported 2.x scores
  • #164786: crescendo/diminuendo lines take vertical height from hairpin settings rather than dynamics text settings
  • #118636: Tablature beam not drawing correctly in Full or Common Tablature staff
  • #280220: Slurs not allowed to cross barlines, leading to placement far from notes
  • #279952: Horizontal placement issue with the new L H Guitar Fingering
  • #280214: Text style settings ignored when generating parts - all offsets at 0
  • #280223: Flags don't place properly with slash notation
  • #279110: Staff spacer fixed down malfunction with invisible staves
  • #279543: Repeat barlines in palette and when using Bravura in score too have their dots too low
  • #280033: Timeline: Repeat Measure bar displays as empty bar
  • #278964: Tremolo copy & paste results in wrong note types
  • #280366: Volta laid out incorrectly in measure with disabled header segments
  • #280414: "Short" and "tick" barlines in palette result in incorrect span


  • #276153: Select>more... by subtype does not work to select by text style
  • #276461: Custom text styles in previous versions of MS changed to User-1, User-2, etc
  • #279563: [MacOS X] Export Pdf with Muse Jazz Text all garbled and unreadable
  • #278132: Settings of fretboard diagrams are lost in palettes (style issue)
  • #273302: Fermata loses assignment to voice and direction
  • #278128: moving elements with cursor keys


  • #280049: Bad English in Mixer
  • #280162: Improve language and formatting of Style Tuplets dialog
  • #280149: Default height of Style dialog box truncates Dividers info
  • #280238: Reorder sections of Style dialog
  • #280048: Applying changed preferences restores default UI
  • #280111: Selection in Piano Roll Editor not respecting modifier keys
  • #278236: Master Effects: Changes to "Effect A" or "Effect B" do not activate the "Load Default" button
  • #279495: "Draw antialiased" is unchecked in some cases which leads to sharped curves rendering
  • #279887: "Waves" of glissando symbol are badly defined
  • #280274: Start window and template chooser do not react to scrolling with mouse wheel or trackpad (Mac)
  • #279791: Mixer displays Zerberus patch names even though Fluid is being used
  • #280330: Heading in Stem inspector should be bold, left aligned and collapsable
  • #280210: Menu entry and dialog box title bar out of sync with each other
  • Fixed low quality splash screen on high DPI displays
  • Fixed non native Startup and New Score Wizards appearance
  • Fixed non native buttons positions in the tours widgets
  • Removed "Don't break" from the palettes


  • #280137: Selecting measure in part doesn't play from measure
  • #280013: New vtests for layout sequence
  • Updated and improved demo scores