Release notes for MuseScore 3 Beta Update (December 14, 2018)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
MacOS 10.12+:, Windows:, AppImage: 3.0.0 (revision: 59a11cd) 14.12.2018



  • Significant autoplace improvements to follow standard engraving practice
  • Further improvements in import of scores from MuseScore 2
  • Better support for AZERTY keyboards


  • Many crashes fixed, especially for macOS
  • Fixes for "Save online"
  • Fixes for playback tempo issues
  • Fixes for playback and audio export of parts
  • Fixes for linked parts and staves
  • Fixes for page layout
  • Fixes for text editing
  • Fixes for layout of slurs, pedal, hairpins, and other elements
  • Fixes for CJK character support
  • Fixes for workspace and palette customization

Complete list of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • #279662: Crash adding articulation to multiple notes
  • #279521: Crash when switching to continuous view on a particular score
  • #279531: Changing to unsused voice in re-pitch mode causes crash
  • #278772: [MacOSX] Crashes randomly when go to do any menu item
  • #279827: Editing a note and revert to two staves after deleting one leads to a crash
  • #279172: Crash opening score that works in version 2
  • #279448: Three different crashes
  • #278485: Frames: Inserting measures causes a crash
  • #278918: MIDI export of a part crashes
  • #279284: Exporting a part to MP3, WAV, MusicXML, FLAC crashes
  • #279141: Moving staves up after adding new instrument causes crash to desktop
  • #280006: Crash on SVG export for particular score

Corruptions and loss of data

  • #278770: Linked staves not linking after copy/paste into linked tablature staff
  • #277786: Instrument change transposition ignored in scores imported from 2.x
  • #279065: Manual adjustment to system divider (including making invisible) lost on save
  • #279874: Copy paste tuplet across barlines causes corruption
  • #120271: Part updated incorrectly after insert note in score
  • #279782: Linked staves become not linked if part is removed
  • #179736: Deleting a barline in main score will not delete the barline in parts
  • #279774: x-offsets applied to even lyrics lines don't stick (don't survice save/close/open)
  • #279700: Corruption and bad links using exchange voices on score with parts

Layout and automatic placement

  • fix update for preview in page settings (issue?)
  • #279343: Adding bracket in a system doesn't expand in other systems
  • #279464: Error opening file created in 2.3.2
  • #279144: Autoplace for pedal results in lines not aligning within system
  • #279239: Continuation line overlaps continuation text
  • #275379: Segno symbol collides with measure number text 2.X->3.0
  • #277813: There is no option to change continuation text for (de)crescendo lines
  • #279533: Edited tie hard to select, resets to default on next layout
  • #269036: CJK characters are not appearing at all
  • #278068: Newline dropped in texts
  • #279340: Slurs not correctly continuing over multiple system breaks
  • #279554: Measure Numbers gone wild
  • #278921: Page settings preview broken in score imported from version 2.3.2
  • #278024: Tenor and bass drum definitions missing notehead info
  • #279544: dynamics above's y-offset match harpins above y-offset so they align
  • #277500: Manually adjusted dynamics too low on import from 2.x without reset
  • #279198: Auto-place doesn't ignore horizontal invisible elements
  • #279310: System text ignored during autoplace when top staff hidden
  • #278865: Instrument change added via double-click while in continuous view does not appear in score
  • #279510: Pedal marks are still visible when set to invisible
  • #279119: Radius for frame doesn't scale with size; more rounded than in 2.x
  • #279070: Measures with tremolo get wider and wider with each edit
  • #276235: System text from 2.3.2 imported as staff text (preventing to hide otherwise empty staff)
  • #279367: First system on a page may not fit to the page
  • #278068: Newline dropped in texts
  • #279080: Beaming over rests makes stems too long
  • #279789: Bad slur shape on certain combination of notes
  • #279777: Slur positioning bad in tight spacing
  • #274208: Slur too high with accidental
  • #279607: Articulation mark on first note of a group, or a solo beam is off. Stems pointing up
  • #279391: Text will not go underneath volta
  • #279995: In linear view the voltas are layouted twice
  • #279772: Chord symbols messed up on import 2.x => 3.0
  • #279950: Chord symbol autoplace doesn't work for beamed notes
  • #279804: Chord symbol moving unexpectedly
  • #279666: Chord symbol "warning color" issues and lack of automatic reversion


  • #279572: Can no longer disable "size changes with spatium" in text styles
  • #279062: Hide when empty: Instrument does not work (acts same as Auto)
  • #278505: ABC Import plugin not working
  • #278490: Lines placed above the top staff when single note selected
  • #143841: Custom Chord bug


  • #279084: MuseScore 3 doesn't work with azerty keyboard
  • #279503: UI font is changing without notice
  • #279622: All ottavas in the palettes are 8va
  • #276456: Moving soundfont in soundfont selector creates duplicate list entries
  • #279156: Updating translations changes workspace from Advanced to Basic
  • #278881: Restore buttons for muting individual voices within a staff
  • #279610: Dragging to reposition a symbol ("Z" palette) responds erratically on release
  • #279054: Can't move elements of palette around, despite editing being enabled
  • #276118: Part names are not saved when using "New"
  • #278693: Piano Roll Editor: On time display cannot show negative values


  • #279202: cant play from selection when going to part view
  • #278153: Continuous View: Volta changes Tempo of Playback


  • #279328: Beta Update Save Online Hangs When Uploading Custom Audio
  • #278900: Icon licences