Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Unable to change the color of instrument names as a text style (or individually) active 4 2 ans
Playback out of synch active 3 7 ans
Website Issue Tracker: Dropdown controls unusable when previewing a reply active 2 4 ans
Tapping active 8 3 ans
Minor issue with end barlines not superseding existing barlines on measure delete active 2 8 ans
Volta Bracket number needs info 2 4 ans
Add dot after str active 0 10 ans
Musescore 4 - Mordents are Wrong needs info 3 11 mois
Metronome defauld value not stored active 1 8 ans
implement OpenSL ES audio driver backend for android active 3 7 ans
Report false positive case to Norton Power Eraser active 0 8 ans
Adding text item from palette should automatically be placed in Edit mode active 3 10 ans
Objects incorrectly positioned, or missing after changing scaling of score with empty staves hidden and empty systems present active 2 8 ans
joined scores from album lose line alterations active 9 3 ans
deleting a timesig changes the nominal and actual time sig to 4/4 regardles of the previous value active 0 9 ans
No save prompt for imported MIDI file on MuseScore close active 1 8 ans
Progress bar while exporting files active 9 10 ans
Voltas not replicated to parts if not applied to top staff (or if top staff is hidden) active P1 - High 20 4 ans
Add Grand-Staff splitpoint as Configurable Item to MIDI import Dialogue active 4 4 ans
Pb avec le glissando active 0 7 ans
Update Copyright statements in Code Files active 1 3 ans
Pedal events in MIDI file not imported by MuseScore active 5 11 mois
Midi export: Instruments not correct needs info 9 8 ans
Phantom notes PR created P2 - Medium 12 3 ans
Unable to enter rest via toolbar in tablature active 6 9 ans