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• Gen. 6, 2020 - 16:21

Dear Marc Sabatella,
I'm transcribing from a midi file the cello part of Mozart Symphony No 31.
In the jpg from original pdf file (mozart.jpg) you have a group of note with one eighth, a poited sixteenth rest, a 32nd, a pointed 16th, an finally a 32nd.
As You can see in mscz file the hook of 32nd note point backward, which is awful. I've tried everything, even changing xml code from "backward hook" to "forward hook". It simply does'nt work! When You import the correct xml file in musescore it has changed everything, even the code!
Could You help me please?

Thanks in advance
Sincerely Yours
Maurizio Battaglia

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Normally I wouldn't see posts in the non-English forums, but Shoichi nicely pointed me here :-)

Although I agree the MuseScore version looks bad, I would also argue the original was not correct. Count the beats, the thirty-second note clearly "goes" with the dotted sixteenth rest. That is, the first three beats of the measure are:

1) the A
2) the dotted sixteenth rest and B
3) the C# and D (BTW, you are missing the dot on the C#; that final thirty-second rest doesn't belong there)

The partial beam directions should reflect this, so I would suggest the original editor got it wrong. If that rest had been a note instead, this would be completely obvious. So, I would argue the partial beam direction is correct.

That said, again, I agree that it looks bad by default. Really there should be two partial beams, not just the one, pointing backwards. This is one of the very few cases we don't handle well by default. That's a bug that shows up in a very few corner cases like this one.

But to produce what I would argue is a better beaming, starting from the default (but after fixing the C# and moving the D to the end of the beat), I would:

1) set the rest to "Beam middle"
2) set the C# to "Beam 16th sub"

This produces the following, which clarifies the rhythm better than the original:


You can hack things to produce what the original had, but it will be apply to the whole score including places where that rest is a note instead. Do this by going to time signature properties and changing the defaults for the thirty-second note beaming to use 16th note sub going in to that thirty-second.

Anyhow, there is an issue in the tracker to provide more controls for these cases: #20177: Mirror broken beam direction

In risposta a by Marc Sabatella

Il raggruppamento indicato da Sabatella è quello CORRETTO.
Ecco i 5 allegati (uno per ogni figura componente il raggruppamento) che indicano quale tool della tavolozza "Proprietà gruppo note" deve essere associato alla singola figura ritmica.
Naturalmente, nelle prossime versioni, occorrerebbe avere la possibilità di cambiare le direzioni delle cediglie...speriamo presto!
Buona musica.

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